2004 Summary
Between September 19th and 27th, 2004, I bicycled alone and self-supported from Bar Harbor, Maine to Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania following the first three maps of the Adventure Cycling Association "Atlantic Coast" route. These maps can be seen below. I did not develop an itinerary this year because past experience has demonstrated that I almost never end up where I plan to. My goal was to cycle about 80 to 100 miles a day, then either camp or hotel for the night. I kept a journal and took photos, which I have integrated into my 2004 journal.

2003 Summary
Between September 26th and October 4th, 2003, I will bicycle alone and self-supported from Rochester, New York to Bar Harbor, Maine. I will follow the last two maps of the Adventure Cycling Association “Northern Tier” cross-country route (see below), which I deviated from last year to get home to White Plains, NY from Rochester. See Itinerary 2003 for planned milestones on this journey. I will keep a journal and take photos that will be posted after I return.

Proposed Travel Route 2003

2002 Summary
Between June 16 and August 4, 2002, I bicycled alone and self-supported across the United States from the northwest coast of Washington State to White Plains, New York. The map below is the Northern Tier map from the Adventure Cycling Association which accurately depicts my route part of the way; from Washington State through to Minneapolis, Minnesota, then from Niagara to Rochester, NY. See Where Was I, Journal, or Itinerary 2002 pages for more details on the journey.
See Who Am I for more details on me.

Proposed Travel Route 2002

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